Monday, March 15, 2010

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5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT DISSERTATIONS ONLINE... By Dominic Corey May 15, 2008 URL: Online Dissertations are those dissertations that were written and submitted by other students to Dissertation Committees. If a student buys or downloads an online dissertation with the intention of turning it in after making a few minor changes to it, then he is calling for trouble and will end up getting caught on plagiarism. However, going through the free online dissertations archives will not only be rewarding, but will also solve a lot of problems. Do you know how you may utilize the online dissertations archives in order to successfully write your dissertation? Let’s find out 1. Past Online Dissertations and The Dearth of Ideas: It will be extremely beneficial to go through online dissertations if you have run out of ideas. It will enable you to formulate new ideas and methodology for your dissertation. You will get many ideas and then will choose the one that will best suit your interest. 2. Theses Online and The Access to New Sources: Online Dissertations will also enable you to find new sources of information as not having proper sources will indeed slow you down. You will find sources to improve the credibility of your dissertation. 3. Help with Dissertation topic: Online Dissertations can be extremely convenient when it comes to choosing a topic or a better dissertation topic. Going through different dissertations will enable you to come up with an excellent topic for your dissertation. 4. Availability of References: Finding appropriate references can be a hurdle and online dissertations allow you to overcome this problem. Using appropriate referencing is immensely crucial. You will be able to get a lot of references through dissertations available online. 5. Online Dissertation can Improve the Outlook: Going through the online dissertations will help you embellish your dissertation with a great look and improve its credibility as the appearance does make a big difference. You will also discover how to combine different parts of your dissertation together. Past Online Dissertations are extremely helpful and can be a great learning experience. Going through the online dissertations and learning all the necessary parts will allow you to write more confidently and effectively.